Common and Frequently Asked Questions on the PER

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Practical Experience Requirement (PER) is an essential part of the journey of becoming an ACCA member. Some students find it a little complex and complicated requirement and therefore many questions are asked about PER. We will discuss some of the most common and frequently asked questions. Following are some of the common questions and answers to those questions.

What is the status of student who has completed ACCA exams but not yet completed PER?

The status of a student who has passed and completed all of the ACCA exams but not yet completed the PER is ACCA affiliate. Such a student cannot claim to be an ACCA member because completion of PER is compulsory for becoming an ACCA member.

What do students have to do to complete PER?

The students have to do following three things to complete their PER:

1. complete 36 months of employment in an accounting, audit or finance related role

2. achieve the performance objectives

3. record and report the PER progress through the online tool My Experience

Can experience gained prior to registration with ACCA count towards PER?

Yes. The work experience gained before registration with the ACCA can be claimed and counted towards the achievement of 36-month requirement given that the work was in an accounting, audit or finance related role and a workplace mentor is available to review and sign off the answers to challenge questions.

Can teaching experience count towards PER?

Yes. The teaching experience can count towards the PER given that the teaching experience is equivalent to the Fundamentals level of the ACCA Qualification and covers subjects related to basic finance, accounting and business studies. Only up to 12 months of teaching experience can be claimed. The remaining 24 months must be spent in another work role related to accounting, finance or audit.

Can experience gained from part-time or temporary work roles count towards PER?

Yes. The work experience gained from part-time or temporary jobs can be used to claim PER given that the work experience was of sufficient depth and breadth and properly supervised. Such an experience can only count towards PER on a pro rata basis.

In some of the cases, experience gained from part-time or temporary jobs does not provide enough career development opportunities and does not allow to fully achieve performance objectives. Therefore, the students are encouraged and advised to work in a full time role under proper supervision and meet the PER. ACCA considers a work experience to be full-time if the student has to work 140 hours per month in a position.

From what type of organization the experience should be gained?

The ACCA does not make it compulsory to work in a particular type of organization. The organization is not important, the work role is. Therefore the students are allowed to work in any organization, of any size, and from any industry as long as the students are working in a finance, accounting or audit-related roles.

Is it compulsory to work in an organization approved by ACCA?

No. The students can obtain work experience even from organization that has not been approved by ACCA.

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