How to Practice for your ACCA Exams

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Practicing for your ACCA exams is one of the most important parts of your exam preparation process. It is just as important as studying. Practicing is important for the following reasons:

Practicing under exams conditions helps you to improve your time management. Many students fail to answer all of the exam questions because of poor time management.

  • Stress management

Exams are always very stressful. You should be able to handle and deal with exam stress. Being stressed during the exams can really hurt your performance. Practicing under exam conditions will help you develop skills to deal with the exam stress.

  • Concept Building

Practicing will help you build your concepts and teach you how to apply your knowledge and concepts to the exam scenario. This is extremely important because many papers of the ACCA Qualification test your ability to apply your knowledge and learning to given scenarios.

Now that you are aware of the importance of practicing for your ACCA exam, we will discuss how you should practice.

Past Exam papers

The best source for practicing is the past exam papers. Download the past exam papers from the website of the ACCA and practice them under exam conditions. By "exam conditions" we mean that you should properly time your practice, sit where you are not interrupted or distracted, continue your practice for the exact exam duration, and imagine yourself in an examination hall.

Model Answers

Ones you have completed your practice, review your answers and compare them with the model answers provided by the examiner. Mark your answers according to the marking scheme suggested by the examiner and calculate how much total marks you get. Do not get stressed or disappointed if you get lower marks than what you were expecting.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the model answers are significantly longer and more detailed than would be expected from the students during exam conditions. You should focus only on the style, form and technical standard of the answers and try to achieve them in your exams.

Another important thing to remember is that the model answers are not exhaustive. They do not include ''all'' of the valid points. So if you make a valid point in the exam, you will be awarded marks even if that particular point is not in the model answers.

Assess your performance

Keeping in mind the model answers, assess your performance and see where you performed well and where you performed poorly. Re-read and learn more thoroughly the topics in which your performance was poor. Highlight the mistakes you made and make a note of not making those mistakes again.

Examiner Reports

Go through the Examiner Reports and note the common mistakes made by the students and the problem areas where the students performed poorly. You should try to learn how to avoid these mistakes in your coming exams and pay particular attention to the problematic areas. Reading these Reports will improve your exam techniques.

Quote Guest, 28 February, 2019
Focus and Practice are the main keys to pass ACCA paper
Quote Guest, 2 April, 2019
My point tries to solve max past paper which helps you more to cover all topics and get a clear answer to the question.

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