Importance of ACCA's Student Accountant Magazine

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Student Accountant is the magazine of ACCA published for the students of ACCA Qualification and Foundations in Accountancy. The magazine is a very good source of information and guidance for the students. It includes technical articles on important topic areas, business features, and career development. Every ACCA student is advised to regularly read Student Accountant magazine.

Previously the magazine used to be available both in hard copy and soft copy. However, from 2009 the publication of the magazine in paper form ceased and it went completely digital. However, the change from paper to pixels did not change the quality or relevance of the content of the magazine. The benefits of going completely digital included additional features which could only be delivered digitally. Examples of such features include faster and improved delivery of the magazine, hyperlinks to additional content, additional editorial content, dynamic and interactive content, and embedded audio and video.

The magazine is e-mailed to the students every month. It can also be accessed from the official website of the ACCA. Archives of previous issues of the magazine are also available on the ACCA website.

Student Accountant is important for a number of reasons. We will discuss some of the most important reasons over here.

Technical Articles

Perhaps the most important reason why Student Accountant is necessary to read is the technical articles. Each month, technical articles relevant to different papers are published in the magazine. These articles are written by the ACCA examiners. In these articles, the examiners discuss the most important topic areas which are particularly relevant to the next coming exam session.

The examiners discuss what aspects of these topics are most important for the purpose of examination and what will be their approach to testing these topics. There are high chances that the topics discussed in the technical articles will be tested in the coming exam. Therefore you should learn and understand these topics and earn some easy marks in your exams.

Apart from discussing technical topics, the examiners use these article to deliver other important information such as impact of changes in exam structure, syllabus, and auditing and accounting standards.

Career Development

Student Accountant also helps in career development of the students. Important advices, tips and information for development of your career are provided in the magazine. For example, interviews of ACCA members and interns are published in the magazine for the guidance of students. These interviews help the students to stay up to date about the recent trends in the practical field.

General Information

The ACCA uses the Student Accountant as a source to provide general information that the students need to be aware of. For example the detail of fee structure is published. All of the current fees, such as registration fees, re-registration fees, exam fees and annual subscription fees are published. The schedule of ACCA exams is also published in the magazine. Recent general and business news is published in the magazine to keep the students up to date about current economic and general affairs.

Quote ACCA Reloaded, 29 December, 2013
Nice article good job keep it up ! For LSBF video lectures , ACCA exam tips , ACCA technical articles and ACCA past papers also visit our blog
Quote ACA Exam, 3 May, 2019
I really enjoyed reading this post considering and I follow the Student Accountant magazine.

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