Importance of ACCA Technical Articles

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 Print Email

In each issue of Student Accountant magazine, there are several technical articles. These technical articles are relevant to the exam. These are very important source of learning therefore students should pay particular attention to these articles. Carefully read these articles and learn and understand the topics discussed.

There are several reasons why technical articles are important. First of all, they are geared towards the topics in the students have performed poorly. The examiner wants to improve the understanding of the students so that if the topic turns up again in the exams, the performance of the students should be better.

Particular attention should be paid to the articles published in the six months just before the exams. Sometimes the technical articles are a hint that the topic discussed will be tested in the exam. You should carefully read the article and make sure you have good understanding of the topic. You will be in a better position to handle the question on that topic if it is tested in the exam. These articles can help you score some important marks in the exams. These marks can play an important role in your pass or fail.

It should be kept in mind that it is not a definite sign that the topic will turn up in the next exam. And even if it turns up in the exam, it is unlikely that it will carry a lot of marks. So you should not make your expectations too high. Usually a topic discussed in the technical articles is tested for marks in the range of 5 to 10. But these 5 to 10 marks can make a big difference therefore never overlook the importance of technical articles.

Technical articles are available for all of the ACCA papers. They can be accessed from the ACCA website. Links to these articles can also be found from other websites for example websites that offer support and tips for preparation of ACCA exams. Download and carefully read the articles that are relevant to the exam you are going to sit for. To enhance your understanding of the topic, you should look up other related content from your study texts and study materials.

The technical articles are not limited to technical topic. Sometimes the examiners use these articles to convey other important information to the students. For example the examiners also discuss impact on the ACCA exams of changes in syllabus, structure of exams, accounting and auditing standards, and law. The students should not ignore these articles. 

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