Non-Study Tips for ACCA Students

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 Print Email

It's needless to say that study is the most important ingredient for the success in ACCA exams, but study is not the only ingredient. There are some other non-study factors that can also play important role in your success in ACCA exams. These factors might not be as important as the study but they cannot be ignored. We will discuss some of the important non-study tips that will play an important role in your success in ACCA exams.

1. Visit the Exam Center

You should visit your exam center before your exam so that you don't have difficulty finding your exam center on the day of examination. It will help you in estimating the time it takes to reach the exam center. It is important that you know the precise location of your exam. Apart from knowing the location, you should also know the alternative routes to your exam center so that if on the day of exam you get stuck in a traffic jam you can take an alternative route to the exam center.

2. Sleep Well Before the Exam

A good sleep before the exam is very important. It helps your mind to rest. Your mind will perform better in the exam if you have taken a good sleep. Lack of sleep will slow down the performance of your mind as well as your body. Take a sleep of at least six hours the night before the exam so that you rise up fresh in the morning.

3. Eat well

Your mind and body need a lot of energy during the exam. You should take a good breakfast before going to the exam center. You can bring a chocolate or some other source of instant energy with you to take just before the exam or during the exam. Do not eat too much or drink too much water before the exam because it might make you need to go to the toilet. It will not only waste your important time, it will also distract you from your exam.

4. Wear suitable clothes

The ACCA does not have any specific dress code. You should wear suitable clothes in which you feel comfortable. Wear nice clothes which make you feel good and confident. Don't wear clothes that uncomfortable or those which make you feel inferiority complex. Avoid wearing clothes that will distract or offend other students in the exam center.

5. Don't panic

The ACCA examinations require you to knowledge to the given scenarios. This requires active logical thinking during the exam. Therefore the last thing you would want to happen is to get panicked before or during the exam. If you panic, you will get confused and make mistakes. You should stay calm and keep your thinking positive. Think about the efforts you have put in your studies and feel confident that you can perform good in the exam. Don't think about the topics that you missed to study or prepare. Just think positive and hope for the best!

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