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Welcome to accounting forum
Our new accounting forum devoted to various accounting themes such as IFRS, ACCA etc. Post your questions and we'll try to answer it.
Ideal IFRS statments forms
Several weeks ago we've launched unique public project "IFRS Disclosure Guide (DG)". It shows how the ideal financial statements prepared according to IFRS must look. If you have any opinions, post it here.
Fascinating Accounting Game, already available on our website
We launch accounting game – "Balance". But it's interesting not only for accountants. It's a hybrid of Tetris and Finance (figures). You can play in your browser (flash), no registration required. But if you signed up your score will be saved to our rating table. Just try! If you get 6000 scores or more you'll be my hero :)

P.S. The best "Balance" score on our regional website is 31445! The winner is the middle age woman, accountant. It's unbelievable result even for me as the developer of the game.
New features of ReadyRatios: analysis of US GAAP and selection of the start of the financial year
Today we have taken another important step forward in the development of the ReadyRatios service.

Firstly, the program is now able to analyze statements prepared in accordance with US GAAP (previously only analysis of IFRS reports was possible). Particularly gratifying is the fact that this feature was introduced much earlier than had originally been scheduled.

Secondly, we have added the option of selecting the month which begins the fiscal year of the company under analysis. This allows unrestricted use of ReadyRatios in countries where the fiscal year does not coincide with the calendar year.

Besides these two major innovations, a number of other minor fixes and improvements have been made to the program.
Is ReadyRatios really free?, If you faced with any technical problem...
Sometimes I receive letters like this: "I entered my data but can't get analytical report. I cannot save the input data or generate a report every time I try. Do you have a paid version of your software?"

ReadyRatios has limited free plan with no any obvious or hidden changes! If you faced with any technical problem (can't enter your data or generate report), please, contact us or post to this forum, we'll do our best to help you (don't forget to mention the version of your operation system (OS) and browser).
Manual available
New section "Manual" was added on
ReadyRatios development roadmap, our plans
What improvements of ReadyRatios analysis we plan to do:

- Add help (next week).

- Add option "fiscal (financial) year beginning date". It will make possible analysis for the
countries and entities which fiscal year beginning is not 1 January.

- Upgrade the internal editor.

- Create US GAAP statements analysis (2nd half of this year).
Make the computer think!, Computers and not humans should work...
Hello dear visitor,

Today we launched our new international project - humanlike financial analysis ( Our software has free of charge plan and ready for use – just start and work!

I hope it's rather interesting web-project with no analogues worldwide. ReadyRatios makes professional financial analysis without human help. Our key principle is "Make the computer think!". Currently, our financial bot works only with IFRS statements, but we are going to make the same for US GAAP statements in the near future.

Post your questions and opinions here, I'll try to answer :)
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