Preparing perfect IFRS reporting

  1. Input numerical data
  2. Input text notes
  3. Make adjustment entries (if necessary)
  4. Get perfect IFRS reporting
  1. 1. IFRS reporting consists of hundreds of key figures. You enter this data in an easy-to-use tabular form. The software ensures consistency of key figures and notes in the report.
  2. 2. IFRS reporting is not limited to figures, but also includes numerous text notes. We have collected everything you need to include in your reporting.
  3. 3. In order to adjust the finalized reporting, it is possible to make adjusting entries. Entries are made intuitively, similar to accounting programs (debit-credit). The software automatically records entries in all international reporting forms.
  4. 4. As a result, you have ready international reporting that is 100% compliant with IFRS requirements. If you fill out statements in local currency and want to have them in another currency (for example, US dollars or euros), you only need to enter the exchange rate, while IFRT automatically calculates the exchange differences and accurately displays them on the statements.


Our financial statements are fully compliant with international standards. It is the most complete and accurate set of reporting forms, verified
against the standards adopted by the IASB
and the IFRS Taxonomy. It can be used
as a checklist to review the financial
statements that you already have.

Saves time

The software enables you to produce high quality IFRS reports much faster than it would take to do so in Excel. You can enter data in any order (for example, you can enter the total first and then its components).

More convenient than Excel

The software is designed specifically for IFRS reporting. Entering information is convenient and intuitive: errors and discrepancies are immediately visible.

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Who will it help?

International Financial Reporting Tool is an essential tool for companies of all sizes and types of activities, from small companies to transnational corporations, who are ready to make their reporting fully compliant with IFRS requirements.

IFRS Disclosure Guide

What is It?

IFRS Disclosure Guide (DG) is the reference book containing all the items that should be disclosed according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Our Disclosure Guide is composed of the IFRS taxonomy officially presented by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

Who Needs It?

IFRS DG is the essential source of information for anyone preparing or auditing IFRS financial statements. It's almost impossible to prepare IFRS-compliant financial statements without our guide! It's also an essential source of knowledge for students. IFRS DG is our contribution to improving IFRS financial statements worldwide.

Use It for Free!

No registration is required! View the IFRS Disclosure Guide. Also take check out our U.S. GAAP Disclosure.

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