5 Tips for Managing Clients' Expectations and Improving Client Satisfaction

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According to BKR International technology has brought changes in almost all sections of business relating to serving the customers. In current times, the customers want their accounting consultants to remain aware of their needs. Moreover, clients want their consultants to provide them proactive advices about their business operations, industry developments regulation compliance, taxes and even their life plans through any means of communication. BKR International’s Executive Director, Maureen Schwartz, said that CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) shouldn’t wait for their clients to contact them; rather they should be consistently in touch with them to assess their needs.

Below are the tips issued by BKR for the CPAs to build better client relations:

1. Ask More Questions.

The chairman of BKR, Howard Rosen explained that one should ask right questions while communicating with clients. One should not assume things and should listen to clients to know what is going on in their clients’ lives and what their needs are. They should make their clients share their problems. Rose said that this will develop their trust in you.

2. Do The Little Things.

Normally people don’t remember the routine work you do for them. They will rather remember your presence in their time of distress or your help for their family member facing financial issues without charging your fees or you returning their call on holiday. Never underrate the importance of thank you letter or phone call to your clients for being loyal. These small gestures will make them come back to you.

3. Automate, Then Test It.

Technology has made so many advancements that make the lives easier. Test every technology you use to ensure that it works as intended. Any discrepancy like slow refresh of web page, upload or download issues may frustrate the client.

Technology can also be used by the CPAs to communicate relevant and precise information to their clients.

4. Meet Outside the Office.

Jason Tonjes, CPA and chairman of BKR Americas Region, recommended that CPAs should meet with their clients outside the working environment e.g. at coffee or lunch and discuss their ideas. This would help CPAs understand their clients better.

However, some clients prefer not to go outside, rather they want you to visit their offices or contact through phone while others prefers to meet outside. You must know the way your client prefers to communicate.

5. Get In Touch More Often.

To keep client loyalty up, you should remember to contact your clients frequently even if you work for them annually. You should express that you care about their financial health. This will make them feel important.

Source: ReadyRatios

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