Talent Management in an Efficient Accounting Firm

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In the industry of entertainment, the leaders look for talent, nurture it and put that talent in situations needed in making use of those talents. They will not hire college graduate actors and tell them to play a certain role simply because they are the cheapest for that role. In the accounting industry however, well trained accountants continue to be hired because they have rationale, analysis and the technical ability. They are the ones assigned to tick and tie the balance sheet. This then leads to the question, what are the steps taken by accounting firms to ensure that their employed staffs utilize their talents in order for them to grow and have their limits tested?

1. Shadowing Partners and Managers:

If you want your staff to see how it is like to offer true value to the community and clients, then provide them with the chance of shadowing top managers and partners. Allow them to participate in consultative activities and client meetings. Create a shadow program that the new staff can quickly translate their experience in education to their practice. The staff will therefore be able to utilize this experience and apply it to the projects which are less complex in the office. New clients who are looking forward to grow with this firm will get high level services.

2. Focusing on Talent:

Every member of staff is a trained accountant. If presented with an opportunity, they will be able to recognize financial and accounting issues. Give them the chance of analyzing client’s financial statements and give them a go ahead to report the progress to a client. Do not engage them in the preparation of financial statements but take them in the analysis section. Remember that these young accountants have been making analysis of imaginary financial statements while they were in school. As such, why should you not give them an opportunity of doing the same work in your organization to handle real financial statements? This small change will give you amazing benefits.

3. Removing Boundaries:

Having 30+ years of experience is not something that staffs coming into employment today are impressed of. No offence though. Today’s young CPAs are talented, motivated and competent. They have the ability of coming in and offering new alternatives and perspectives to underlying problems. You will be amazed at the results they produce when you give them the opportunity, access, responsibility and challenge.
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