The Tax-Relief Scheme for The Children is Suddenly Postponed Amidst a Massive Debate

Friday, January 25, 2013 Print Email

The tax-relief for parents in giving their children a tax-break is postponed and it makes the people frown. A new report emerged.

The coalition government forced to postpone the tax relief scheme it has announced because of the disagreements and disputes between the ministers. The proposed tax rebate which was available was of 2000 pounds and it would have been available to all the children of the country. The policy of tax review would be the main scheme of the mid-term policy of the coalition government but the meeting of the ministers which ended in a dispute between the ministers David Cameron, Nick Clegg George Osborne and Danny Alexander. This particular work has postponed in a nick of time. The pension relief which has been talked about will be announced the following week and a strong debate happened as to how the rebate schemes on the children rebate would be funded and even Nick Clegg commented that the tax rebate on children would not be applicable for everyone.

In this regard, Nick Clegg said that the project is mainly made to relief those families who are in need of the universal credit scheme and the families who would not be sufficient to cover the children’s expense through their credit schemes. It is not mandatory for everyone. We will first identify those families which are in need with this particular project. This is mainly done to help the parents of the children to go to work by relieving them of the child care costs involved. He also added that this initiative is mainly targeted at those families where father and mother both goes to work and in turn they do not receive universal credits.

This particular initiative would replace the 700 million pounds voucher and allowances scheme and it would also be a driving force in the next general election. The delay in the announcement came as a bolt from the blue when the working parents were hopeful of receiving their tax relief for children worth 2000 pounds. It is also expected that the reform will be made in a very short period of time. The Downing street also reviewed the audit reports on the achievements of the government when it failed to keep its promise.  

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