Renew Your Tax Credits Fast to Prevent from Losing Them

Saturday, July 20, 2013 Print Email

It is a time for tax credits renewal because deadline is near. The given deadline for the renewal of tax credits is 31 July. The deadline to renew the tax credits is passing fast and near to end. Therefore you should renew your tax credits as soon as possible because it is most important. If you do not submit the form to HMRC before 31 July, you can experience great loss. It is possible that you can lose your tax credit entirely. It is reported that ACCA is giving warning to tax creditors to take strict action and complete the form fast.

The head of taxation department, Chas Roy Chowdhury said that tax credits play important role to keep the finances in order. He said that it is very simple and easy to complete the tax credit form. The failure to complete the tax credit form can lose your credits. In case of any change in circumstances you should inform or notify the HMRC because it will affect the monies you receive. If your circumstances have changed then taxman will take strict action but you should not forget to inform them. They will decide to prosecute in case of extreme circumstances.

If you are confused about the submission of information, you must inform HMRC about this issue. You can also visit the office of an ACCA accountant for the same purpose. It is vital that you should receive right application form. The presence of any small or big mistake in your application form can lead to wrong entry or failure to tax being paid. If you want to have more information about the tax credits and form submission, you can visit the website of HMRC.

You will find detailed and clear information on the site of HMRC related to form submission and filling. It is most important to renew your tax credits before the deadline to prevent from any financial loss. It takes no time and effort to renew your tax credits because you just need fill and submit one application form to HMRC department. The failure to submit the application form before deadline will ham you.

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