Statement of Comprehensive Income

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Statement of Comprehensive Income

Comprehensive income is the change in equity (net assets) of a business enterprise during a period from transactions and other events and circumstances from non-owner sources. The statement of comprehensive income illustrates the financial performance and results of operations of a particular company or entity for a period of time.

According to International Financial Reporting Standards  since 1 January 2009 an entities make:

  • a Statement of comprehensive income (see the table below) or
  • two separate statements comprising:
  • an Income statement displaying components of profit or loss and
  • a Statement of comprehensive income that begins with profit or loss (bottom line of the income statement) and displays the items of other comprehensive income for the reporting period (IAS 1 p.81)

So the statement of comprehensive income aggregates income statement (profit and loss statement) and other comprehensive income which isn't reflected in profits and losses. "Total comprehensive income is the change in equity during a period resulting from transactions and other events, other than those changes resulting from transactions with owners in their capacity as owners." (IAS 1 p.7)
The statement of comprehensive income is one of the major financial statements used by accountants and business owners (the other major financial statements are the balance sheet (statement of financial position),  statement of changes in equity and statement of cash flows).
IFRS do not prescribe the exact format of the Statement of comprehensive income but it can be obtained from IFRS Taxonomy. Just that official format is built into the ReadyRatios analytical software.

Statement of Comprehensive Income


 IAS (IFRS), p.
IFRS Taxonomy 2010 XBRL name
PROFIT (LOSS) 1p82f ProfitLoss
Profit (loss) from continuing operations 1p82f Profit<...>Operations
Profit (loss) before tax IFRS 8p23, 8p28b ProfitLossBeforeTax
Gross profit 1p103 GrossProfit
Revenue 1p82a, 18p35b, IFRS, 8p28a Revenue
Cost of sales 1p99 CostOfSales
Other income 1p103, 1p102 OtherIncome
Distribution costs 1p99 DistributionCosts
Administrative expense 1p99 AdministrativeExpense
Other expense 1p99 OtherExpenseByFunction
Other gains (losses) 1p103, 1p102 OtherGainsLosses
Profit (loss) from operating activities   ProfitLossFromOperatingActivities
Difference between carrying amount of dividends payable and carrying amount of non-cash assets distributed IFRIC
Gains (losses) on net monetary position 9p29 Gains<...>Position
Gain (loss) arising from derecognition of financial assets measured at amortised cost 1p82 aa GainLoss<...>AmortisedCost
Difference between carrying amount of non-cash assets distributed and carrying amount of dividends payable IFRIC 17p5 Difference<...>Payable
Finance income IFRS 7 IG13 FinanceIncome
Finance costs 1p82b FinanceCosts
Share of profit (loss) of associates and joint ventures accounted for using equity method 1p82c Share<...>Method
Gains (losses) arising from difference between previous carrying amount and fair value of financial assets reclassified as measured at fair value Effective 2013-01-01 IAS 1.82 ca Gains<...>Value
Income tax expense (from continuing operations) 1p82d, 7p20 IncomeTax<...>Operations
Profit (loss) from discontinued operations 1p82e-i Profit<...>Operations
OTHER COMPREHENSIVE INCOME 1p91а OtherComprehensiveIncome
Other comprehensive income, net of tax, exchange differences on translation 1p91а, 1p82g Other<...>OnTranslation
Other comprehensive income, net of tax, available-for-sale financial assets 1p91а, 1p82g Other<...>Assets
Other comprehensive income, net of tax, cash flow hedges 1p91а, 1p82g Other<...>Hedges
Other comprehensive income, net of tax, hedges of net investments in foreign operations 1p91а, 1p82g Other<...>Operations
Other comprehensive income, net of tax, gains (losses) from investments in equity instruments 1p7d Other<...>Instruments
Other comprehensive income, net of tax, gains (losses) on revaluation 1p91а, 1p82g Other<...>Revaluation
Other comprehensive income, net of tax, actuarial gains (losses) on defined benefit plans 19p120h, 1p91а, 1p82g Other<...>Plans
Income (expense) recognised in other comprehensive income relating to non-current assets or disposal group classified as held for sale IFRS 5p38 Income<...>ForSale
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