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The profession of a valuer is related with the evaluation and estimation of the real estate. Basically the valuer is concerned with the insurable value of any possession of property. Therefore valuation has become a special case in which the effective and insurable value of a property is estimated.

Task of a qualified valuer

Basically a valuer is concerned with the accurate estimation of the possessions and buildings in order to provide the insurance cover to the properties. There is always a demand of qualified valuers in industry because these are persons who can correctly evaluate the cost and estimate the worthiness of any property or possession. This is a common procedure in some countries and it has become necessary to take the services of a qualified and learned valuer before deciding for any proceeding of any property. Usually this is required especially when you require your property to be insured.

Demand of a qualified valuer

As the awareness among people regarding the insurance of property is increasing the demands for highly qualified valuers and experienced professionals in this field are also increasing day by day. This is specifically important before someone gets the property insured. However it must be noted down that there is no chance of any forgery in this issue. This is because the insurance companies have their own qualified valuers who are there to make proper estimates about the property and then this will enable the insurance companies to make real and accurate estimates about insurance installments of the property for the owner.

Regulation of qualified valuers

There are some countries which have described and defined specific rules and regulations regarding the hiring of the qualified valuer for the insurance of properties. For example in Czech Republic, there is a specific approach for the insurance specialists and valuers. There is a common procedure for the selection of the qualified valuers. Recently, the Insurance department of this country has established an insurance association according to which the insurable value of the property and its calculation. This department is also providing online services for the clients and interested customers. 

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