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The term adhocracy is commonly defined as "a form of organization that operates differently from the normal bureaucratic lines to explore opportunities, resolve the issues, and get better outcomes". According to a renowned scholar Henry Mintzberg, dynamic and complex organization form is known as adhocracy. It is totally opposite to the organization which follows bureaucratic line. Another scholar also called bureaucratic form an old form of organization and adhocracy form of an organization was the future approach. The main reason behind this fact is the idea that adhocracy opens the door for creativity and innovations. It also helps in having a diversified workforce and a multi culture business environment which is the real highlighting feature for the complex business organizations nowadays.

Here are some of the basic and important Characteristics of an adhocracy:

1. It follows a highly organic structure, and almost no rules and regulations regarding the behavior of the individuals of the organization.

2. The specialization of the job strictly depends upon the formal training.

3. The procedures are not standard.

4. The system does not follow any hierarchy.

5. There is selective decentralization.

6. Job specialization is horizontal

7. The whole organizational culture is different from the one in a bureaucratic organization.

8. Working in teams with mentors so adjustments are easy.

All the employees within the organization experience a certain level of empowerment and authority in the areas which they are specialized. They have a say in the decisions of the organization and they can walk up to the mentor anytime to discuss the problem. Adhocracy has also gained importance because it leads to formation of such a management which looks into the problems very quickly and come up to a conclusion to solve it rather than covering in under the mat. 

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