Job Analysis

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Job Analysis is a process, which is used to collect information relating to the responsibilities, duties, skill sets, conclusion and work environment of any given job. The information needed to analyse the job could require a person collecting endless data. This analysis helps in figuring out the result of a given job. The result can be in the form of performance development, recruitment planning and more.

Definition of Job Analysis

By Definition, Job Analysis is the process where a job or jobs are thoroughly investigated, to allow:

· Hiring of more people for the given job

· Analyzing job that is already being done by the people who are already part of the team.

Stages of Job Analysis:

Job Analysis has to be taken up in a very logical manner. There are many stages of a Job Analysis which needs to be adhered to irrespective of what type of job you are analyzing. The Stages of Job Analysis are as follows:

1. Planning the Job Analysis: Planning is essential to every business. It is important that all the employees are aware of the process of job analysis, so that thorough information is accessible from employees.

2. Preparation and Introduction of Job Analysis: Preparation of job analysis is important as the methods adopted to analyze the jobs are decided. This is also a crucial step in the process of Job Analysis as previous job descriptions are referred to, and also providing information to the employees.

3. Conducting Job Analysis: after preparation of job analysis comes conducting the job analysis, where complete data relating to any and every job of an organization is collected and reviewed.

4. Developing Job Descriptions and Job Specifications: After conducting a job analysis, all drafts that are created while conducting a job analysis. Finalizing of job descriptions, recommendations and further acceptances are then made.

Maintaining and Updating Job Descriptions and Specifications: After a thorough review of job descriptions, the necessary changes and updates are implemented in order to streamline a job. This has to be checked on a regular basis, so that the job needs to be streamlined as per the changes around the work place and beyond. 

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