Participative Management

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Participative management is a decentralized form of management. It is an employee friendly environment where the workers are encouraged by giving advices and actively participate in the role in decision making. It is practiced by the managers or employers who value their employees and believe that a cooperative relations which their employees will have a positive impact on their morale thus productivity, as labor is a huge asset of any business.

Although participative management has a lot of benefits for the business. It will boost up the morale thus increase the motivation of the workers as they would feel important, this sense of belonging and strong feeling of being involved will give them a personal association with the business. This will make them work for their own sake without being pushed if given the sense of responsibility and thus would result in increased levels of productivity as mentioned earlier. The increased productivity may even reduce the costs for business, which is one of the main aims for any firm and might increase their profits due to increased gap between revenue and costs. This decentralized form of management will increase the level of job satisfaction in the workers and a highly satisfied well motivated workforce can do wonders for a business. It will also have a positive impact on the quality of work.

It also has its drawbacks too. It might give the business security issues as too many workers have access to a lot of information about the business which will always pose a risk of sensitive information being leaked to reveal sources which may come back as a huge blow to the business. It will also cause the overall decision making process to be slow if everyone is autonomous in their decision making the huge departments would take a lot of time to communicate with everyone effectively.

Though the advantages of Participative management are more than the disadvantages they still need to be carefully considered. 

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