Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

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Definition of Work Breakdown Structure

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) may be defined as the form of work to be performed by people in an order or chain of command. It is a structure that helps define the tasks to be performed at different stages by the elements involved in a hierarchy to achieve the end result. The form of work could be anything like a product, data or a service. This structure is characterized according to different criteria

  • Function oriented that is by function of a project
  • Object oriented that is by object of a project
  • Logic oriented that is by phases of a project

This structure is usually represented as a flowchart, or like a tree with several branches, where all the elements are connected to one another by the levels of hierarchy, each element being assigned a function that needs to be fulfilled in order for the work to be completed in a required way. This is a good way to map the project and analyze the outcome of the project as well.

WBS Elements

Work Breakdown Structure Elements are the elements that represent the activity that are a part of the Work Breakdown Structure. The elements are further divided into

  • Tasks
  • Partial Tasks
  • Work Packages

Work Breakdown Structure is essential to every service as it lets a business analyze the total cost of achieving a particular task from the first level to the bottom level. It also helps the business understand the various levels that results in the outcome and the time required to complete a project. A well designed Work Breakdown System or WBS makes it easier for a business to assign a project and expect end results in a short period of time. It also helps in understanding the business and its divisions in a much better way.

Work Breakdown is essential to every business. It can help a project by getting optimum results and by proper allocation of services can also increase the resource management, help maintain budget, and ensure quick and efficient product delivery. 

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