Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

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A person who can pull-through for others and accomplish their financial goals is a financial planner. The financial goals are shaped according to the needs of the client. Their goals may vary from saving money to buy a house, planning against financial crises that may arise, etc. A prospering financial planner is on who not only excels in a particular type of investment but in all of them. Areas of awareness of a financial planner are stock investment, bonds, mutual funds, insurance policies, etc. The most basic and greatest quality that a financial planner can possess is credibility. Meaning that the financial organizer must be renowned and his clients shall carry forward a good reputation for him. The better known he is the more opportunities he gets.

If a financial organizer is in a financial crisis himself it does not portray a very convincing image. The clients demand to know of the ventures that the planner himself has taken part in. Convincing results from the planner’s personal investments than motivates clients to listen and believe in what their financial planner says. In such a career different people are encountered every day. The financial planner may be forced to acquaint with short-tempered, crazy, strong believers in their own concepts, etc. He shall be a person for every man. He shall be smart enough to take on all challenges.

Basic essence of a financial organizer is a degree. Now this degree does not necessarily have to be one in finance or accounting. He may be having a degree in history, arts, biology, etc. Moving on he needs to get certified. For this he may attend various isolated colleges or find experts on the internet even. Upon passing the exam, the financial planner gets a certification and he shall now start his or her own agency.

Before this exam is taken there is yet another requirement to fulfill. The financial planner who seeks this certification has to have at least three years’ worth of working experience. After this he may give the exam and he then becomes certified financial planner (CFP).  

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