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The profession of a financier is concerned all about the making investments and these investments typically involve large sums of money. There are different categories of money investments and likewise there are different categories of the financiers making investments.

Categories of investments

There are various categories under which the financier makes investments. Usually large sums of money are invested by the financiers. These investments include large sums of money in both the private sectors and venture capital production. In this way the mergers and acquisitions are also involved. Another form of money investment also involves the leveraged money items and buy outs. Many financiers also invest the corporate finance and carry out this investment on the large scale business basis.

Margin of profit earning

There is a huge margin of earning profit from making investments of money in different sectors. Usually the profit is earned when the money investment is paid back along with the interest. Therefore in these cases profit is earned as well. A part of this profit is also awarded from the company in the form of equity. All these payments are specified in the deals and contracts of investments. In addition to this, the financier is also able to earn money by means of commission or through the performance in the finance sector. Some financiers also get the management fees.

Role of a financial advisor

A financier can also act as the financial advisor and other than carrying out personal investment, can earn money by advising the companies and firms regarding their investments packages. In this way, out of every investment, the financier acting as the financial advisor will be able to get due share in the profit of the successful investments. In this way as a financial advisor, the official renders financial services and advice to the clients and firms as well. This job is being made a permanent part of many financial companies and institutions thereby helping the individuals getting employment in the said field and in turn the companies are benefitted by their expertise, experiences and useful suggestions. These can also be called as the financial planners or agents. 

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