Work Sampling

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Work sampling is the procedure analyzes and evaluates the work time of the workers in specifically defined categories. There are many defined categories of the work sampling procedure.

Techniques of work sampling

There are different techniques and strategies evolved for determination of the proportion of time spent by workers in the specified period of time. Among these, the work sampling is the most effective and rightly followed statistical technique. These categories apply according to the kind of work or activity assigned to a specific worker. The different tasks according to which the workers are assessed and work sampling is applied on them include setting and assembling of a machine, looking after its maintenance and many others.

Significance of work sampling

The significance and importance of the work sampling technique should not be underestimated or overlooked. This is because it is such a technique which, like all other effective techniques, allows the quick and effective analysis and recognition of the responsibilities of a specific worker or job. The importance of this technique can be well estimated to be truly amazing because it will help directly in recognition and evaluation of the responsibilities of a specific job and tasks. In addition to this, it is also significant in managing the work flows in an organization. There are many other names used to this sampling technique. These are performance analysis, competency analysis, task evaluation and work flow of the organization.

Activity of work sampling

Work sampling is also called as the activity sampling, occurrence sampling and ratio delay study. This is an effective way of supervising the performance of the workers and individuals over a certain extended period of time. In order to maintain the accuracy of statistical calculations it is important to make observations randomly and keep a check on the working efficiency of the workers.

Evaluation of work sampling

Random study and observation is carried out by the representative of the work sampling techniques. The subjects are judged according to the various activities performed during the specific period of time. A major criterion for determination of the work sampling is determining the standard time for a certain manufacturing task. Usually this kind of sampling is more effectively done in case of manual works. 

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