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Advantages of Using Oracle Hyperion Planning Solution for Businesses

Oracle Hyperion Planning is extremely useful for businesses as it allows them to manage all their requirements pertaining to business planning as well as budgeting. It is a part of the Hyperion EPM software designed by Oracle and also comes with two extra modules viz. Capital Expenditure planning and Workforce planning, which can be added to enhance its capabilities further. It is essentially a centralized, Web and Excel based planning, forecasting and budgeting solution, which integrates well with the operational and financial planning procedures and further helps in enhancing business related predictability.

Companies that want to better understand and analyze their business activities and operations in addition to its impact on their financial condition can safely rely on Oracle Hyperion Planning solutions. This particular solution allows companies to integrate operational as well as financial models. Using Oracle Hyperion Planning Solution, businesses can meet their requirement related to sound financial planning.

Main Features of Oracle Hyperion Planning

  • Allows businesses to manage plans and improves workflow capabilities by making them flexible
  • Offers multi-user and multi-dimensional planning by allowing businesses to create a strong engine pertaining to business rules
  • Integrates comprehensively with Microsoft Office
  • Offers Scalable and proven architecture
  • Provides web interface which is easy to operate and use
  • Lets Businesses create dashboards and reports seamlessly
  • Provides a number of administration related tools for effective management of application.
  • Integrates robustly with Enterprise Resource Planning systems as well as other kinds of sources

Benefits of using Oracle Hyperion Planning

  • Reduces time spent on preparing budget which further helps in improving cycles by several weeks or even months.
  • Provides accuracy as businesses are able to validate all their forecasts with premium and well integrated analytics.
  • Allows Businesses to address their finance related requirements promptly.
  • Helps in aligning the organization by combing operational and financial planning in one specific system.
  • Allows businesses to gain acceptance form mass users as it offers a simple web interface.
  • Improves modeling related capabilities as the solution can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Excel.
  • Is easy to implement as it offers packaged planning related modules and further reduces time pertaining to implementation.
  • Can be quickly deployed in the cloud as it requires no software of IT related hardware.

Thus, businesses can better co-ordinate and manage all their needs using the Oracle Hyperion Planning solution. The solution will also provide them with the perfect opportunity to attain their goals easily and design important business tasks and rules effectively.

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