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Introduction to SAP

SAP, introduced in 1972 by five IBM ex-employees in Mannheim, Germany, affirms that it is the largest inter-enterprise software in the world in addition to being the fourth-largest independent software supplier.

The initial name for SAP was Systeme, Anwendungen, and Produkte standing for “Systems, Applications, and Products.” the initial SAP idea was to provide the users with the ability of interacting with a common corporate database for an all-inclusive range of applications. Progressively, the applications have been accumulated and at present various corporations are using SAP products to run their own businesses.

Achievements of SAP from start-up software to global market leader

Over the period of twenty five years, their revelation has transformed SAP from a small regional enterprise into a world-class international company. In the present day, the SAP group is the international market leader in enterprise resource planning software, and features subsidiaries, associates and branch offices in almost every industrial country in the world. Significant milestones in the corporate history of the company include its conversion to a GmbH (a directly held corporation) in 1977, the beginning of company’s headquarters in Walldorf, and its switch over into a publicly held corporation which features its shares listed on numerous stock markets.

By switching over to a publicly held corporation, SAP strengthened its capital base considerably thus laying foundations for its employees to have the benefit of more of a share in the success of the company.

Benefits of SAP

The popularity of SAP is increasing everyday for the following reasons:

  • SAP enables modifying the software as per specific needs of the company.
  • SAP is familiar looking, user friendly, and also has an experience of windows based applications.
  • SAP can be used internationally.
  • SAP is helpful in processing user transactions in an easier way.
  • SAP helps in improving the efficiency ad effectiveness of the employees.
  • SAP increases liability.
  • SAP is helpful in improvement of business process efficiencies.
  • SAP provides reliable, accurate, and instant info.
  • Conventional software systems are not capable of fulfilling the company needs.
  • SAP is cost effective and no special software is required to access.

SAP is supportive for all fields, including Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Logistics, Operations, and alike.   

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