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«Balance» game instructions

The essence
of the game
From the falling coins you should gather "balances". The "balances" are vertical or horizontal repeating figures (coins) combinations. For example, the "balance" is considered to be "44", "77", "5656", "3232", "354354". For every caught "balance" you gain scores (debit) that are equal to "the drawn up balance" (in the given example it will be 4, 7, 56, 32 и 354 scores correspondingly). If the field where coins are falling is overfilled the game is over and the gained scores are vanished.
Control keys

The coins (single or double) as well as the notes (consist of two figures) are falling into the "glass". Use the following control keys:

  • Moving of the coins — left, right arrows;
  • Accelerated fall — spacebar
  • Double coins rolling — left, right arrows (unlike the coins the notes cannot be rolled)
  • Pause — "Pause" key or "Enter" key (herewith the field is for your boss not to become suspicious :)
of the game
The game consists of four quarters. At the end of each quarter a "revenue officer" comes and falling instead of a coin "eats" your profit; the eaten coins establish the credit and are stricken off from the total score. At the end of the year (i.e. of the fourth quarter) a considerable tax inspection comes; you are visited by two revenue officers at a time. You can control the revenue officer until he drops on the coins. But the revenue officer causes not only damage; while falling he cleans the field from the coins that can be helpful in case of overfilling of the "glass".
of the game
Financial result (profit) is considered to be achieved if the game is completed successfully. The aim is to make as much profit as possible for the allotted time ("financial year"). Although there is a special nomination called "the Canniest Chief Accountant" and awarded to the person who have made the lowest profit (i.e. who have hidden "official" profit). You result is automatically registered in a table (only if you entered the site as authorized user).
Jessica Bush:

«My name is Jessica. I have been working as a Deputy Chief Accountant in "Bubble Holding" company since the 23rd of September, 2008. I have a dream to improve my skill level, to study law of taxation and finance, foreign language, to gain ACCA diploma, and then to marry some milliner and to forget all that stuff. But now I had to work and to memorize all these crossword words: debit, credit, ledger…

Our company is looking for a Chief Accountant now. Our boss demands English and English figures knowledge from the Chief Accountant. If it is you, then welcome. I’m sure we’ll feather in»

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