CABLEVISION SYSTEMS CORP /NY (CVC) financial statements (2020 and earlier)

Company profile

Business Address 1111 STEWART AVENUE
State of Incorp. DE
Fiscal Year End December 31
SIC 4841 - Cable and Other Pay Television Services (benchmarking)
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Balance sheet (Statement of financial position) ($ in millions)

Current Assets
Cash, cash equivalents, and short-term investments 1,003850702365
Cash and cash equivalents 1,003850702365
Restricted cash and investments 455623 401
Receivables 267279285328
Derivative instruments and hedges, assets 10   
Prepaid expense and other current assets138
Deferred tax assets 1538160141
Other undisclosed current assets 125140578 
Total current assets: 1,8761,9311,7241,373
Noncurrent Assets
Property, plant and equipment 3,0173,0262,9783,379
Long-term investments and receivables  124
Accounts and financing receivable, after allowance for credit loss  124
Intangible assets, net (including goodwill), including: 1,0381,0411,0541,922
Goodwill 262265265443
Intangible assets, net (excluding goodwill) 77677650203
Other undisclosed intangible assets, net (including goodwill)   7391,277
Derivative instruments and hedges 72733
Restricted cash and investments 757623697401
Deferred costs 7593103122
Other noncurrent assets 334429
Prepaid expense and other noncurrent assets41
Deferred tax assets, net    (276)
Other undisclosed noncurrent assets    276
Total noncurrent assets: 4,9924,8354,8675,873
TOTAL ASSETS: 6,8676,7656,5917,246
Current Liabilities
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities 1,0871,016635685
Accounts payable 454432423490
Accrued liabilities 170161  
Employee-related liabilities 344306212195
Interest and dividends payable 119117  
Debt 1,014558339443
Derivative instruments and hedges, liabilities 393100135
Liability for uncertainty in income taxes  000
Due to related parties 3030  
Deferred revenue and credits 56534764
Deferred tax liabilities    64
Other undisclosed current liabilities  (0)320302
Total current liabilities: 2,1891,7501,4411,693
Noncurrent Liabilities
Long-term debt and lease obligation 2,7603,2794,3094,840
Long-term debt, excluding current maturities 2,7343,2504,2904,794
Capital lease obligations 26291946
Liabilities, other than long-term debt 9739151,0071,219
Deferred revenue and credits 45510
Pension and other postretirement defined benefit plans, liabilities16399
Deferred tax liabilities, net 705611570891
Liability for uncertainty in income taxes 3332
Liability, pension and other postretirement and postemployment benefits 99121
Other liabilities 162167219202
Derivative instruments and hedges, liabilities  94714
Other undisclosed noncurrent liabilities 5,8575,8535,1085,121
Total noncurrent liabilities: 9,59010,04710,42411,179
Total liabilities: 11,77911,79711,86512,872
Temporary equity, carrying amount  9912
Stockholders' equity
Stockholders' equity attributable to parent, including: (4,911)(5,041)(5,284)(5,639)
Treasury stock, value (1,610)(1,591)(1,584)(1,572)
Additional paid in capital 792823886972
Accumulated other comprehensive loss (38)(42)(43)(31)
Accumulated deficit (4,059)(4,235)(4,546)(5,012)
Other undisclosed stockholders' equity attributable to parent 4433
Stockholders' equity attributable to noncontrolling interest (0)111
Total stockholders' equity: (4,912)(5,041)(5,284)(5,638)
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY: 6,8676,7656,5917,246

Income statement (P&L) ($ in millions)

(Revenue, Net)
Cost of revenue (4,063)(3,941)(3,872)(4,282)
Cost of goods and services sold (3,198)(3,137)(3,079)(3,324)
Gross profit: 2,4462,5252,3662,429
Operating expenses (1,598)(1,598)(1,661)(1,664)
Other undisclosed operating loss  (5)(6)(6)
Operating income: 848921699760
Nonoperating expense (506)(496)(506)(702)
Investment income, nonoperating 7685(198)(210)
Interest and debt expense (2)(586)(624)(787)
Income (loss) from continuing operations before equity method investments, income taxes: 341(161)(431)(730)
Other undisclosed income from continuing operations before income taxes 2586624787
Income from continuing operations before income taxes: 34342519357
Income tax expense (155)(116)(66)(24)
Income from continuing operations: 18830912733
Income (loss) from discontinued operations (13)3338200
Net income: 175312466234
Net income (loss) attributable to noncontrolling interest 0(1)0(0)
Net income available to common stockholders, diluted: 175311466234

Comprehensive Income ($ in millions)

Net income: 175312466234
Other comprehensive income (loss) 50(12)(9)
Comprehensive income: 180313454224
Comprehensive income (loss), net of tax, attributable to noncontrolling interest 0(1)(0)0
Other undisclosed comprehensive income (loss), net of tax, attributable to parent   0(0)
Comprehensive income, net of tax, attributable to parent: 180312454224

Statements sources

The financial statements are based on the company's filings with the The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system (EDGAR). The information is derived from the 10-K and 10-Q reports submitted to the SEC in XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) format and presented according to the US GAAP Taxonomy. Please review the original filings for a more detailed information.

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