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US GAAP Disclosure List 2017


1. Statement of Cash Flows, Deposit Based Operations
2. Statement of Cash Flows, Direct Method Operating Activities
3. Statement of Cash Flows
4. Statement of Cash Flows, Additional Cash Flow Elements
5. Statement of Cash Flows, Insurance Based Operations
6. Statement of Cash Flows, Real Estate, Including REITs
7. Statement of Cash Flows, Securities Based Operations
8. Statement of Cash Flows, Supplemental Disclosures
9. Statement of Financial Position, Classified - Real Estate Operations
10. Statement of Financial Position, Classified
11. Statement of Financial Position, Unclassified - Deposit Based Operations
12. Statement of Financial Position, Unclassified - Insurance Based Operations
13. Statement of Financial Position, Unclassified - Securities Based Operations
14. Statement of Financial Position, Unclassified - Real Estate Operations
15. Statement of Shareholders' Equity
16. Statement of Comprehensive Income
17. Statement of Other Comprehensive Income
18. Statement of Income
19. Statement of Income, Additional Statement of Income Elements
20. Statement of Income, Insurance Based Revenue
21. Statement of Income, Interest Based Revenue
22. Statement of Income (Including Gross Margin)
23. Statement of Income, Real Estate, Excluding REITs
24. Statement of Income, Real Estate Investment Trusts
25. Statement of Income, Securities Based Income
26. Statement of Partners' Capital


27. Accounting Changes and Error Corrections
28. Accounting Policies
29. Asset Retirement Obligations
30. Business Combinations
31. Balance Sheet Offsetting
32. Commitment and Contingencies
33. Cash and Cash Equivalents
34. Contractors
35. Compensation Related Costs, General
36. Compensation Related Costs, Postemployment Benefits
37. Compensation Related Costs, Retirement Benefits
38. Compensation Related Costs, Share Based Payments
39. Comprehensive Text Block List
40. Deferred Costs, Capitalized, Prepaid, and Other Assets
41. Debt
42. Derivative Instruments and Hedging Activities
43. Discontinued Operations and Disposal Groups
44. Revenue Recognition and Deferred Revenue
45. Restructuring and Related Activities
46. Extractive Industries
47. Investments, Equity Method and Joint Ventures
48. Earnings Per Share
49. Equity
50. Environmental Remediation Obligations
51. Extraordinary and Unusual Items
52. Fair Value Measures and Disclosures
53. Foreign Operations and Currency Translation
54. Financial Services, Brokers and Dealers
55. Financial Services, Banking and Thrift
56. Financial Services, Federal Home Loan Banks
57. Financial Services, Insurance
58. Financial Services, Banking and Thrift
59. Financial Services, Mortgage Banking
60. Guarantees
61. Health Care Organizations
62. Intangible Assets, Goodwill and Other
63. Investments, All Other Investments
64. Investments, Debt and Equity Securities
65. Income Taxes
66. Inventory
67. Financial Services, Investment Company
68. Interim Reporting
69. Leases, Codification Topic 840
70. Leases, Codification Topic 842
71. Leases, Codification Topic 842 TIG Template 01
72. Noncontrolling Interest
73. Nonmonetary Transactions
74. Organization, Consolidation and Presentation of Financial Statements
75. Other Industries
76. Other Income and Expenses
77. Other Liabilities
78. Payables and Accruals
79. Property, Plant, and Equipment
80. Compensation Related Costs, Retirement Benefits Template 01a
81. Revenue from Contract with Customer
82. Revenue from Contract with Customer TIG Template 01
83. Research and Development
84. Real Estate
85. Regulated Operations
86. Reorganizations
87. Receivables, Loans, Notes Receivable, and Others
88. Related Party Disclosures
89. Risks and Uncertainties
90. Investments Federal Income Tax Note
91. Investment Holdings
92. Investments in and Advances to Affiliates
93. Open Option Contracts Written
94. Other than Securities Investment Holdings
95. Investments Sold Not yet Purchased
96. Summary of Investment Holdings
97. Subsequent Events
98. SEC Schedule, Article 12-04, Condensed Financial Information of Registrant
99. SEC Schedule, Article 12-29, Mortgage Loans on Real Estate
100. SEC Schedule, Article 12-28, Real Estate and Accumulated Depreciation
101. SEC Schedule, Article 12-17, Reinsurance
102. SEC Schedule, Article 12-15, Summary of Investments - Other than Investments in Related Parties
103. SEC Schedule, Article 12-16, Supplementary Insurance Information
104. SEC Schedule, Article 12-18, Supplemental Information (for Property-Casualty Insurance Underwriters)
105. SEC Schedule, Article 12-09, Valuation and Qualifying Accounts
106. Segment Reporting
107. Temporary Equity
108. Transfers and Servicing

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