US GAAP Disclosure List


Effects on Future Earnings and Cash Flows Resulting from Exit Plan

Effect on Future Cash Flows, Amount$durationdebitThe quantified amount of the future effect on cash flows.
Effect on Future Earnings, Amount$durationcreditThe quantified amount of the future effect on earnings.
Initial Period in which Effects are Expected to be RealizedtextThe initial period in which these effects are expected to be realized.
Effect on Future Earnings, Offset Amount$durationdebitThe amount that will be offset against future earnings by anticipated increases or decreases in other expenses or revenues.
Effect on Future Earnings and Cash Flows, Offset DescriptiontextA description of an offsetting effect on future earnings or cash flow that results from a reduction in a future expense that results from an exit plan.
Effect on Future Earnings, Income Statement Line Item ImpactedtextA clearly identified income statement line item to be impacted in the future by an exit plan item.

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