US GAAP Disclosure List


Schedule of Intercompany Foreign Currency Balances

Schedule of Intercompany Foreign Currency Balance textSchedule of long-term intercompany foreign balances, including related intercompany entity, underlying foreign currencies and amounts of intercompany foreign currency transactions that are of a long-term investment nature (that is settlement is not planned or anticipated in the foreseeable future), as of the balance sheet date.
Intercompany Foreign Currency Balance textLine items represent financial concepts included in a table. These concepts are used to disclose reportable information associated with domain members defined in one or many axes to the table.
Intercompany Foreign Currency Balance by Description textInformation by name or description of the entity to which the long-term intercompany foreign balances of the entity relate.
Intercompany Foreign Currency Balance, Amount$instantdebitAmount of an intercompany foreign currency transactions that is of a long-term-investment nature, that is, settlement is not planned of anticipated in the foreseeable future.
Intercompany Foreign Currency Balance, Name durationName or description of the foreign entity or investment that is of a long-term nature.

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