US GAAP Disclosure List



Liabilities, Current text
Liabilities, Noncurrent text
Liabilities, Total$instantcreditSum of the carrying amounts as of the balance sheet date of all liabilities that are recognized. Liabilities are probable future sacrifices of economic benefits arising from present obligations of an entity to transfer assets or provide services to other entities in the future.
Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities, Current text
Debt, Current text
Deferred Compensation Liability, Current text
Deferred Revenue, Current text
Derivative Instruments and Hedges, Liabilities text
Liability for Uncertainty in Income Taxes, Current$instantcreditAmount recognized for uncertainty in income taxes classified as current.
Postemployment Benefits Liability, Current$instantcreditFor a classified balance sheet, the carrying amount as of the balance sheet date of the portion of the obligations recognized for the various benefits provided to former or inactive employees, their beneficiaries, and covered dependents after employment but before retirement that is payable within one year of the balance sheet date.
Deferred Lease Income, Current$instantcreditAmount of deferred lease income, classified as noncurrent. Includes, but is not limited to, amount paid in advance by lessee.
Deferred Rent Credit, Current$instantcreditFor a classified balance sheet, the cumulative difference as of the balance sheet date between the payments required by a lease agreement and the rental income or expense recognized on a straight-line basis, or other systematic and rational basis more representative of the time pattern in which use or benefit is granted or derived from the leased property, expected to be recognized in income or expense, by the lessor or lessee, respectively, within one year of the balance sheet date.
Liabilities of Business Transferred under Contractual Arrangement, Current$instantcreditThe current carrying amount, due within one year or one operating cycle, if longer, of liabilities resulting from the transfer of a business segment under contractual arrangement where the transferor maintains certain risks, obligations or liabilities.
Provision for Loss on Contracts$instantcreditCumulative provision for contract losses not offset against related costs accumulated on the balance sheet.
Estimated Litigation Liability, Current$instantcreditCarrying amount of reserve for known or estimated probable loss from litigation, which may include attorneys' fees and other litigation costs, which is expected to be paid within one year of the date of the statement of financial position.
Accrued Environmental Loss Contingencies, Current$instantcreditCarrying value of the obligation (known or estimated) arising from requirements to perform activities to remediate one or more sites, payable in twelve months or in the next operating cycle if longer.
Disposal Group, Including Discontinued Operation, Liabilities, Current, Total$instantcreditAmount classified as liabilities attributable to disposal group held for sale or disposed of, expected to be disposed of within one year or the normal operating cycle, if longer.
Asset Retirement Obligation, Current, Ending Balance$instantcreditCurrent portion of the carrying amount of a liability for an asset retirement obligation. An asset retirement obligation is a legal obligation associated with the disposal or retirement of a tangible long-lived asset that results from the acquisition, construction or development, or the normal operations of a long-lived asset, except for certain obligations of lessees.
Due to Related Parties, Current, Total$instantcreditCarrying amount as of the balance sheet date of obligations due all related parties. For classified balance sheets, represents the current portion of such liabilities (due within one year or within the normal operating cycle if longer).
Other Liabilities, Current, Total$instantcreditAmount of liabilities classified as other, due within one year or the normal operating cycle, if longer.
Self Insurance Reserve, Current$instantcreditCarrying amount of accrued known and estimated losses incurred as of the balance sheet date for which no insurance coverage exists, and for which a claim has been made or is probable of being asserted, typically arising from workmen's compensation-type of incidents and personal injury to nonemployees from accidents on the entity's property that are expected to be paid within one year (or the normal operating cycle, if longer).
Liabilities, Current, Total$instantcreditTotal obligations incurred as part of normal operations that are expected to be paid during the following twelve months or within one business cycle, if longer.
Long-term Debt and Lease Obligation text
Liabilities, Other than Long-term Debt, Noncurrent text
Liabilities, Noncurrent, Total$instantcreditAmount of obligation due after one year or beyond the normal operating cycle, if longer.

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