US GAAP Disclosure List


Earnings Per Share, Diluted, Other Disclosures

Antidilutive Securities Excluded from Computation of Earnings Per Share, AmountsharesdurationSecurities (including those issuable pursuant to contingent stock agreements) that could potentially dilute basic earnings per share (EPS) or earnings per unit (EPU) in the future that were not included in the computation of diluted EPS or EPU because to do so would increase EPS or EPU amounts or decrease loss per share or unit amounts for the period presented.
Weighted Average Number of Shares Outstanding, Diluted, TotalsharesdurationThe average number of shares or units issued and outstanding that are used in calculating diluted EPS or earnings per unit (EPU), determined based on the timing of issuance of shares or units in the period.
Weighted Average Number Diluted Shares Outstanding Adjustment, TotalsharesdurationThe sum of dilutive potential common shares or units used in the calculation of the diluted per-share or per-unit computation.

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