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[ Closed ] ACCA Technical Articles, All technical articles for ACCA papers published in student accountant
Below is the paper wise list of technical articles posted in Student Accountant. Students must practice these questions before appearing in the examinations.

F4    Corporate and Business Law

Unfair performance by Companies

Company directors Disqualification Act:

Company Act 2006 Part 1

Company Act 2006 Part 2

The Tort of negligence

The Supreme Court


Spandeck Engineering v Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA)

Pledge – recent changes in Russian legislation
Bribery Act 2010

ICC introduces new International Commercial Terms

Corporate governance: a South African perspective

Restraint of trade in Singapore

Key aspects of the law of contract and the tort of negligence

Business rescue proceedings

F5    Performance Management

Top tips for the Paper F5 exam

Linear programming

Interpreting financial Data

The Risk of Uncertainty

Measuring planning variances

Not-for-profit organizations Part 1

Not-for-profit organizations Part 2

Transfer Pricing

Activity Based Costing

Target and Life Cycle costing

Material Mix and Yield Variance

Comparing budgeting techniques

Cost-Column-Profit Analysis

Performance Measurement

Environmental Accounting

Throughput accounting and the theory of constraints, part 1

Throughput accounting and the theory of constraints, part 2

The learning rate and learning effect

Decision Trees

F6     Taxation

Finance Act 2013

F7    Financial Reporting

Reporting Performance

Property Plant & Equipment Part 1

Property Plant & Equipment Part 2

Research & development

Presentation of Financial Statements

Construction Contract

Deferred Tax


Performance Appraisal

Business Combination

Reporting Changes­.pdf

Accounting For Property plant & Equipment


How to account for property

Conceptual frame Work for Financial Reporting

The need for conceptual frame Work

Financial Instruments Part 1

Financial Instruments Part 2

Classification of Leases


F8  Audit & Assurance

Audit Working papers

ISA 330 Responses to Assessed Risk


Auditing in Computer based Environment

Clarity Audit Standards

Subsequent Events


Audit Risk

Going Concern

Audit Procedures

ISA 315 Risk of Material misstatements

The Control Environment of a Company

The Audit of Wages

F9    Financial Management

The Capital Asset Pricing model Part 1

The Capital Asset Pricing model Part 2

The Capital Asset Pricing model (Theory)

Being an Angel

Optimum Capital Structure

Receivable Collection

Cost of Capital part 1

Cost of Capital Part 2

Foreign risk
Advance investment Appraisal

Business finance

Introduction to Islamic Finance

Analyzing the suitability of financing alternatives

Business Valuation

Myopic Management

P1 Governance Risk and Ethics

Stakeholders Part 1

Stakeholders part 2

Ethics Decision Making


Strategic and operational Risks

Risk and Environmental Auditing

Corporate Governance External and internal Actors

Non-Corporate Governance

Independence as a concept in corporate governance

Internal Audit

COSO Enterprise risk Management
Environmental accounting and reporting

Diversifying the board – a step towards better governance

P2  Corporate Reporting

How to pass the professional Level Papers


IFRS 3 Business Combination (Part 1)

IFRS 3 Business Combination (Part 2)

Deferred tax

Impairment of goodwill

Convergence between IFRS and US GAAPs

IFRS for SME’s

Complex Group


The Industry Question


Corporate reporting case Studies

Debt and Equity

Hedge Accounting

Impairment of Financial Asset

P3 Business Analysis

Business Analysis case Study approach


Performance measures to support competitive advantage

Critical Success factors

Strategic planning Model

The adaptability of strategic model

The seven deadly sins of strategy implementation

Strategic planning

Business process Change


Project management

Performance Appraisal

Knowledge management



Strategic use of IT

Business forecasting and strategic planning

Business strategy and pricing­.pdf

Strategy and people

Project management business cases

Conflict management and the accountant as project manager

Out Sourcing

Communicating Core values

Strategic planning and Issues


Culture and configuration

Value chain Management

P4    Advance Financial management

Portfolio theory Part 1

Portfolio theory Part 2

Economic Value Added and its Alternatives

Modified internal rate of return

How Lenders set their rates

Toxic Assets

Application of Option Pricing to Value Firms

Risk Management

Bond Valuation and Yield

Interest Rate risk management

Determining interest rate forwards and their application to swap valuation

The European debt crisis

Islamic Finance and Theory

Aspects of Islamic Finance

International Project Appraisal Part 1

International Project Appraisal Part 2

P5  Advance Performance Management

Environmental management Accounting

Management Control for survival

Beyond Budgeting

Performance measures to support competitive advantage

The pyramids and pitfalls of performance measurement

Business Strategy and Performance Model

Business failure

Accounting and organizational Culture

Economic Value Added and business profitability Part 1

Economic Value Added and business profitability Part 2

The performance Prism

Benchmarking and use of targets in public sector

Reward scheme for employees

Human Resource management

P6    Advance Taxation

Finance Act 2013

P7  Advance Audit and Assurance

Examining Evidence

Group Audits

Report to those charge with governance

Forensic Auditing

Importance of Financial Reporting Standards

ISA 240 fraud

Messaging the Figures


The use of CAATs in Audit

Audit risk

Going Concern


Analytical Procedures

Audit of Estimates and Fair Values

Aspects of CAATs

Acceptance Decision of Audit Engagement

Group Audits

Audit and Insolvency

Clarity Auditing Standard

Auditing in UK

Completing the Audit

Audit Planning


Risk of Material Misstatement

Continue to be rest Assured

The Control Environment of a Company

Changes in Reporting

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