Database for all Russian companies

The database contains all organizations officially registered in the Russian Federation, both for-profit and non-profit institutions. They total 11 mln legal entities, including liquidated firms. Information about the companies, their management and founders is given in full compliance with the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE), published by the Russian Federal Taxation Service (FTS).

If you conclude contracts or enter into business relations with a Russian company, this reference source will offer you a full profile, guarding from unexpected problems in the future. You can check whether a company has any tax arrears, whether it submits its financial statements to the state authorities, number of its staff, annual revenues etc. You can use the database at absolutely no charge.

Example: "7708004767" (this is Lukoil TIN), "Gazprom", "1027700092661" (this is Aeroflot PSRN); to search for entities’ related persons: "773014815387" (individual’s TIN), "Ivanov Petr Sergeevich" (full name)

Locating a firm in the database

To derive company information, a taxpayer identification number (TIN) or primary state registration number (PSRN) will suffice. You can also search by name, using Russian or Latin characters. Just type this information in the search form above.

Why check Russian companies

The Russian legislation dictates that you should obtain all the public information about the counterparty to your transaction. This is called due diligence and protects the tax payer from claims by tax authorities, if the counterparty proves to be fraudulent or in breach of the Russian law.

Reliable information

The information contained in the database builds on the data that we officially obtain from the Russian tax authorities. It is updated on a daily basis.

Due diligence: what else do you need to know about counterparty

Internet offers many ways to explore a legal entity. However, tax authorities require even more rigorous diligence. It would be helpful to:

  • ensure personal acquaintance with the management when signing the contract;
  • be aware of your source of vendor information (ad in dedicated publications, on the web-site);
  • review constitutive documents;
  • if possible, visit the organization’s place of business;
  • preserve correspondence with managers, board etc.

The more information you have, the easier you can demonstrate to a tax inspector your due diligence exercised in executing the contract and that you shouldn’t be held liable for tax violations permitted by the counterparty.

Online buyers: firm’s registration in USRLE is not a guarantee for your order delivery

Most of internet-based frauds prefer to receive payment to their personal card for a product that doesn’t exist. However, it is not rare that frauds register a rogue firm and accept payments in its name from gullible buyers. If a firm has a record in the Russian State Register, it doesn’t mean that you can find it at the address indicated there. Check this before paying, read reviews on reputable web-sites. Also note the age of the firm and its scope of operations– we place this information at the top of the profile. The larger and older the entity is, the more trustworthy it is.

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