How Our Financial Analysis Works

  1. You input data into
    online tables

    2 — 15 minutes

    You input your company’s financial statement into ReadyRatios tables, which are prepared according to IFRS or U.S. GAAP rules, with the following:

    — A statement of financial position (balance sheet)

    — A statement of comprehensive income (income statement)

    Instead of manual input, your data can be uploaded in XBRL format or imported from QuickBooks.

  2. ReadyRatios
    analyses it instantly

    20 — 40 seconds

    ReadyRatios’s online software produces a complete financial analysis of your statements, including more than 40 ratios, indicators, unique conditional comments, tables, diagrams, and summary.

    All ReadyRatios features

    No financial knowledge is required. Our unique, online financial analysis software performs this task for you!

  3. You receive a detailed
    analytical report

    2 — 5 seconds

    You will effortlessly get a detailed report about the financial condition of your company without needing to invest your time.

    You will not be able to tell this report apart from a professionally made human report! Simply check it out here:

    sample report.

    Alternatively, you can also try our software using sample data.

Our exclusive: Financial analysis and ranking of top listed companies

Rank Company Revenue
($ millions)
Financial position
and performance (2021)
# 1 Walmart Inc. 572,754
# 2, Inc. 469,822
# 3 Apple Inc. 378,323
# 4 CVS Health Corporation 292,111
# 5 UnitedHealth Group Incorporated 287,597
# 6 Exxon Mobil Corporation 285,640
# 7 Berkshire Hathaway Inc. 276,094
# 8 McKesson Corporation 263,576
# 9 Alphabet Inc. 257,637
# 10 AmerisourceBergen Corporation 221,101

Perfect IFRS Reporting with Our Tool (IFRT)

  1. Input numerical data
  2. Input text notes
  3. Make adjustment entries (if necessary)
  4. Get perfect IFRS reporting
  1. 1. IFRS reporting is comprised of hundreds of indexes. You will enter this data in an easy-to-use tabular form. This ensures consistency in the reporting and provides notes using the software.
  2. 2. IFRS reporting is not only limited to figures, but also includes multiple text notes. We have collected everything that you need to include in the reporting.
  3. 3. In order to adjust the finalized reporting, it is possible to make adjustment entries. Entries are made intuitively, just as with accounting programs (debit/credit). The software automatically records entries to all international reporting forms.
  4. 4. As a result, you have complete international reporting that is 100% compliant with the IFRS requirements. If you fill out statements in the national currency and would like to have them in any other currency (e.g., U.S. dollars to Euros), you only need to enter the exchange rate; meanwhile, the IFRT will automatically compute exchange differences and accurately display them in the statements.


Our statements are fully compliant with international standards. Our collection of reporting forms is the fullest and most accurate set verified against
IASB-adopted standards and IFRS taxonomy.
It may be used as a checklist to verify
the statements that you already have.

Saves Time

The software enables creating high quality IFRS reporting much faster than it usually takes to make it with Excel. You can enter data in any order you choose (for instance, you may first enter the sum and then its components).

More Convenient than Excel

The software was created specifically for IFRS reporting. Information input is convenient and intuitive, allowing you to immediately see permitted errors and discrepancies.

Try it now

Who Does this Help?

International Financial Reporting Tool is a crucial tool for companies of all sizes – from small firms to transnational corporations – and all types of activities that are willing to make their reporting fully compliant with IFRS requirements.

IFRS Disclosure Guide

What is It?

IFRS Disclosure Guide (DG) is the reference book comprising all items that should be disclosed according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Our disclosure guide is composed from IFRS taxonomy which is officially presented by International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

Who Needs It?

IFRS DG is the indispensable information source for everyone who makes or audits IFRS statements. It's almost impossible to prepare IFRS compliant statements without our guide! It's also an essential knowledge source for students. IFRS DG is our contribution to improving IFRS statements worldwide.

Use It for Free!

No registration is required! View IFRS Disclosure Guide. Also take a look at our U.S. GAAP Disclosure.

Now financial analysis is amazingly easy to do using our financial analysis software. Just input your financial statement (balance sheet & profit and loss statement) and receive ready financial analysis report (including current ratio, debt ratio, profitability ratios, liquidity ratio, etc.)

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