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Financial ratio analysis software is a value-added tool which helps in creating quick analysis about financial performance of a client and its comparison against analogous businesses and industry standards. The matchless benchmarking ability of financial ratio analysis software enables you to proffer important reports for the clients. The financial ratio analysis software can be used through multiple methods. Besides, it has made the advanced reporting quite an easy process.

Moreover, the incorporated report templates like current ratio, operating or production costs, revenue per customer, and similar help you provide useful info to all types of clients and businesses. The key features that are essentially required in financial ratio analysis software include:

  • Financial and management reporting

It is essential for financial ratio analysis software to provide a strong set of tools to fulfill the reporting needs of wide-ranging end-users, counting C-level executives, front-line information workers, and line-of-business managers.

  • Planning, budgeting, and forecasting

Financial ratio analysis software should support rolling forecasts, traditional budgeting, and collaborative planning, for instance cost center planning.

  • Strategy management and scorecards

It is also important that the financial ratio analysis software should link and align strategic and operational plans in addition to developing KPIs (key performance indicators) which support several popular scorecard methodologies, counting Economic value-added, balanced scorecard, and activity-based costing methods.

  • Cost and profitability management

The financial ratio analysis software should be able to give out overhead costs in addition to managing the costs acquired by products and services as well as analyzing their profitability.

Effective financial ratio analysis software is helpful in managing working capital with functions which aim at optimizing logistics processes and improving management of receivables and payables.

Some of the best financial ratio analysis software is listed below:

  • Financial genome: performs a thorough financial analysis, counting projections, integrated financial statements, funding requirements, and ratio analysis.
  • Financial competence: helps you learn about the financial statements’ basics and ways to effectively analyze them through financial ratios.
  • RMA Annual Statement Studies: provides up-to-date, relative financial statement and ratio data from small to medium-sized companies and industries.
  • IRS Corporate Ratios 2010: helps you improve the valuation report of your business through comparable ratios compiled from tax returns.
  • ReadyRatios: It’s an auto ratio calculator for businesses free of cost at the moment. Upload your financial statements in IFRS or US GAAP format and get comprehensive report with all possible ratios calculated in seconds. 

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I need to make ratio analysis of three companies for research purpose. Can u help me please

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