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swap market
swap conventions are always hard to explain dear
What is the difference between Corresponding figures and Comparative Financial Statements as discussed in ISA-710? Explain with example please.
there is no specific chart of accounts for and NGO, just search a simple chart of accounts and ammend it as per your requirements.
This is a fine material to read
I will suggest you some basic rules. firstly take out last year audit file and auditors report alongwith any observation. study them and check current year record with them. correct all mistakes which were present in last year. now on same basis check your record again. you must also make good relation with auditor and brief him that its your first year and you are welcome for any queries from them. i hope it will be ok for the audit. main theme is that is you are honest you have nothing to fear

this is very useful link
see following articles
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Seasonal Rate
It is a rate adjustment used for economic or business data that attempts to remove the seasonal variations in the data. Most data will be affected by the time of the year. Adjusting for the seasonality in data means more accurate relative comparisons can be drawn from month to month all year.
Investment Property
hi. i am preparing accounts for a company who made a plaza and now selling the constructed shops. we are having a problem regarding land of the plaza. i am of the opinion that it is investment property but plaza owners are not agree with me. they are saying that since they cant use the land for any purpose so land must not be investment property but it must be part of cost of sale. can any one guide me regarding this issue. i will be very thankful
A classified balance sheet reports current liabilities separately from long-term liabilities. Usually, a portion of a mortgage loan balance will be a current liability and a portion will be a long-term liability. The principal that will be due within one year of the balance sheet’s date is reported as current liability and the remaining will be shown in long term liability.
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