New Market Development Fund for Partners

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 Print Email

Accounting is a very beautiful art recording status of the business. It also provides us information about marketing, other business, relevant industry and other external factors. There are manysoftwares of accounting and statistics that provides information about current or future viability of the business. One of the famous company Sage has launched software that provides information about future sales and customers of the company. This Market Development Program of sage will replace the current program in the month of April 2013.

New Market Development Fund (MDF) will be available to the channel partners. They really play important role in continuance and steady flow of business. These funds are given to the channel partners for sale of a product. For every partner, one manager is assigned that uses all funds wisely for the promotion of the product. MDF should have features so that partners can make request, respond to inquiry and view account balances. It also provides automatic e-mail notification to the partners.

This product of sage reduces the time of marketing. It also helps us to focus on the key customers who purchase the products. Every company has to spend a huge amount of money on marketing a product. This really reduces the cost and increases the profits of the company.

Data can be inserted in to the software and it predicts which customer will have the potential to purchase the product. It helps the accountant in passing accrual entries. Moreover provisions and contingent liabilities can easily be made.

Its working can easily be understood by this illustration: If a company wants to increase its revenue without increasing other selling expenses, it should have this software. All information of clients is stored in it. The product uses statistical techniques such as probability to predict the chances of sale to particular customer. It estimates the ability of customer to afford and need of the product. This information is shared with partners. It helps them to make strategic and helpful decisions for the steady flow of the business.This is a new innovation to the field of Accounting and information technology. Many people have started using it.

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