Consulting Industry meets Reshaping by Acquisitions in 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013 Print Email

If reports are to be believed, the strategy firm Roland Berger for potential acquisition has been keenly observed by Big four. The major eyeing is to shed focus on the potential for consolidation in the consulting industry.

While analyzing the industry growths in different quarters of the world in the year 2012, North America and Germany displayed growth while others like UK and France displayed poor performance in this regard making a low year for the consultants. As far as the emerging markets are concerned, the Gulf, Russia, Brazil and the newest kid on the emerging markets bloc, Africa, have displayed immense growth. Although the size hasn’t been increased of their markets yet the performances are up to the marks.

Surveying organizations reveal that mainly three priorities are being focused; low costs, expansion in growth and utilizing technology based opportunities.

Both energy and natural resources sector seems to be very strong in 2013, their markets may grow bigger, also indicating that some sectors require more spending to their markets.

It has been growing year for the hardened consultants, transformation has been observed indicating the marked increase in the client significance.

The incremental improvements are very slow which have made the clients quiet cynical; therefore, they are keen on adopting radical ways to conduct their businesses.

Consultants have met an increase in their demands globally, multinationals in this regard want to overcome the knowledge gaps and are considering consultants to have effective performances of their companies across the borders and internationally.

Big consulting firms are rich in having people from all walks of lives who can better plug in the knowledge and thus are helpful for the Implementation, transformation and globalization.

There is growing demand for consulting firms but the growth of consulting firms is not fast enough, although they are successful by far but still fail to promote people as per requirement of the market.

German consulting market clearly shows that consulting firm has a strong presence in the home market. This indicates the growth and future success of such firms across the world. Now the next step would be further shaping and detailing of the firms as growth is on increase already. 

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