Statement of Financial Position

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Statement of financial position is the new name of the balance sheet used in IFRS.

International Financial Reporting Standards  (IAS 1) do not prescribe the exact format of the Statement of financial position but it can be obtained from IFRS Taxonomy. Just that official format is build into the ReadyRatios analytical software.

According to the IFRS Taxonomy Statement of financial position has the following format (current/non-current variant):


 IAS (IFRS), p.

IFRS Taxonomy 2011 XBRL name

ASSETS   Assets
Non-current assets   NoncurrentAssets
Property, plant and equipment 1p54a, 16p73d PropertyPlantAndEquipment
Investment property 1p54b InvestmentProperty
Goodwill 1p54c Goodwill
Intangible assets other than goodwill 1p68(c) IntangibleAssetsOtherThanGoodwill
Investment accounted for using equity method 1p54e, IFRS 8p24a,28e Investment<...>EquityMethod
Investments in subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates 1p55 Investments<...>Associates
Non-current biological assets 1p54f NoncurrentBiologicalAssets
Trade and other non-current receivables 1p54h,78b NoncurrentReceivables
Deferred tax assets 1p54o,56, 12p81g DeferredTaxAssets
Current tax assets, non-current 1p54n CurrentTaxAssetsNoncurrent
Other non-current financial assets 1p54d, 32p11 OtherNoncurrentFinancialAssets
Other non-current non-financial assets 1p54 OtherNoncurrentNonfinancialAssets
Non-current non-cash assets pledged as collateral for which transferee has right by contract or custom to sell or repledge collateral 39p37
Current assets   CurrentAssets
Current inventories 1p54g Inventories
Trade and other current receivables 1p54h
Current tax assets, current 1p54n CurrentTaxAssets
Current biological assets 1p54f CurrentBiologicalAssets
Other current financial assets 1p54d OtherCurrentFinancialAssets
Other current non-financial assets 1p54 OtherCurrentNonfinancialAssets
Cash and cash equivalents 1p54i
Current non-cash assets pledged as collateral for which transferee has right by contract or custom to sell or repledge collateral 39p37
Non-current assets or disposal groups classified as held for sale or as held for distribution to
EQUITY and LIABILITIES   EquityAndLiabilities
Equity   Equity
Equity attributable to owners of parent   EquityAttributableToOwnersOfParent
Issued (share) capital 1p54r IssuedCapital
Share premium 1p54r SharePremium
Treasury shares 1p54r TreasuryShares
Other equity interest 1p54r OtherEquityInterest
Other reserves 1p54r OtherReserves
Retained earnings 1p54r RetainedEarnings
Non-controlling interests 1p54q NoncontrollingInterests
Liabilities   Liabilities
Non-current liabilities   NoncurrentLiabilities
Non-current provisions for employee benefits 1p54l Noncurrent<...>Benefits
Other long-term provisions 1p54l OtherLongtermProvisions
Прочие долгосрочные резервы
Trade and other non-current payables 1p54k NoncurrentPayables
Deferred tax liabilities 1p54o
Current tax liabilities, non-current 1p54n CurrentTaxLiabilitiesCurrent
Other long-term financial liabilities 1p54m OtherNoncurrentFinancialLiabilities
Other non-current non-financial liabilities 1p54 OtherNoncurrentNonfinancialLiabilities
Current liabilities   CurrentLiabilities
Current provisions:   CurrentProvisions
Current provisions for employee benefits 1p54l CurrentProvisionsForEmployeeBenefits
Other short-term provisions 1p54l
Trade and other current payables 1p54k TradeAndOtherCurrentPayables
Current tax liabilities, current 1p54n CurrentTaxLiabilities
Other current financial liabilities 1p54m OtherCurrentFinancialLiabilities
Other current non-financial liabilities 1p54 OtherCurrentNonfinancialLiabilities
Liabilities included in disposal groups classified as held for sale 1p54p Liabilities<...>Sale
Quote kathy, 10 April, 2016
why do you put two side to the balance sheet and why do you make it so long that i do not understand it.. can you not just start from the beginning for beginners?

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