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Changes in IFRS
can any one explain that why there are so rapid changes in IFRS, specially IFRS related to Empliyee Benifits and Financial Instruments. why IAASB board making rapid decisions and then keep them changing. it creates confusion. am i right?
I think, they earn salary per change. So they have to be hard at work  :D
haha.... i agree with Vit. A. i remember that 10 years back, the book of IFRS was 1/3 of the current version
but they must know that more then 150 counteries are implementing these changes. on one side they want world to have similar standards and on the other hand they are irritating the ones who follow them and intrestengly no one is asking that why the volume of IFRS is growing like a CANCER. as a student and learner i really hate them, not because i dont want to learn but because they dont know what is right and what is wrong
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