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Fascinating Accounting Game, already available on our website
Hi Eddy,

You also sent request via FB and I answered ASAP)
Cash Flow Cash Management Analysis, Cash Flow Cash Managment Analysis
Our software works with Statement of financial position (Balance sheet) and Statement of comprehensive income (P&L) only. So it's impossible to analyze cash flow or other indicators outside of these 2 core statements.
International accounting standards
I can't send IFRS texts because of copyrights rules. But you can get it by yourself here:
Welcome to accounting forum
Our new accounting forum devoted to various accounting themes such as IFRS, ACCA etc. Post your questions and we'll try to answer it.
Bank Product Financial Analysis, Financial analysis of loans and deposits
It's rather specific sphere, use ask to Google...
Can purchase be recognise on proforma invoice?, whether Title tranfers before actual invoice i.e. on the date of proforma invoice??
It does not matter is it sale on credit or not. You should account the operation when it really took place according to documents.
Explain why the use of current liabilities as opposed to long-term debt subjects the firm to a greater risk of insolvency.
Current liabilities should be settled within short time (< 1 year). So you need money to pay now and have a little time to get profit (money) within your normal business process.
Final Rating, Understanding of Score
You can find comprehensive answer in the document "Procedure of a Company's Financial Condition Analysis", section - "Definition of qualitative value of certain ratios". To get this document launch the software and go to "Settings"->"Analysis methods description".
Question, Input of Currency
Just say, what is your currency and we'll add it to the list.
Fixed Asset, Fixed Asset Register
You should search for accounting software products. We just analyze financial statements but don't provide accounting or inventory recording.
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