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Break even
Look here -
Calculation factors is "Variable costs" and "Fixed costs". But not long-terms and short-terms.
EVA (Economic Value Added)
EVA can't be calculated using only Balance sheet and P&L, because it requires WACC (

If you use Expert version of the software you can add your formulas. Loook here for details
Ideal IFRS statments forms
Several weeks ago we've launched unique public project "IFRS Disclosure Guide (DG)". It shows how the ideal financial statements prepared according to IFRS must look. If you have any opinions, post it here.
financial ratios
Is it possible to get Ready Ratios to interpret financial ratios values?
Detailed interpretation of financial ratios is not the aim of our software. We describe ratio values, comment is it "god" or "bad". But if you need detailed interpretation of financial ratios dig our reference book (, there are lot of knowledge.
Is ReadyRatios really free?, If you faced with any technical problem...
John Goodall wrote:

I downloaded your program this evening and attempted to analyze data from the Goldstar database. When I selected generate reports at the end of the database, I get a window saying "Building the report, Please wait...". I have been waiting for quite a while, but nothing. Your website states that reports will be generated in a few seconds. I am using Windows Vista and my web browser is chrome. Can you please help?

Thank you.
Our software is SaaS and not depend on your PC (only browser). It's woking fine now, I don't know what happend. Try again, please.
Proceurement rules
Sorry, it's not our specialisation :)
Please help
Our analysis based on the main forms of the standard financial statement (IFRS and US GAAP). Calculation IRR requires other information, it's investment analysis.
It's possible to edit formulas under Expert plan only. Here is Master vs Expert comparison table -
petty cash
Yes, it's debt, monetary item can't be negative.
Depreciation of Investment Property
Guest wrote:
so I should add this value (minus tax on realised gain) to the book value of equity?
It depends on your goals. Of course, if we are speaking about IFRS accounting you can't change assets value as your want. But for analysis or valuation purposes you can do it.
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