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Depreciation of Investment Property
There are 2 accounting models for investment property:

Cost Model

After initial recognition, investment property is accounted for in accordance with the cost model as set out in IAS 16, Property, Plant and Equipment – cost less accumulated depreciation and less accumulated impairment losses. [IAS 40.56]

Fair value model

Investment property is remeasured at fair value, which is the amount for which the property could be exchanged between knowledgeable, willing parties in an arm's length transaction. [IAS 40.5] Gains or losses arising from changes in the fair value of investment property must be included in net profit or loss for the period in which it arises. [IAS 40.35]
help needed
bravo wrote:
hi, i want to shift my organisation from single entry to double entry system. what steps i have to take, please help
Just change the analysis step on the Input tables page.

kunt wrote:
first you must hire some professional to assess your system, requirements(very important). it will definatly save time as well as cost for you
The system is developed by certified auditor, PhD in Economics. Today, our software is used by more then 3000 East Europe companies. We also use it in our auditing business. Be sure the huge work was done for these yeas :)
Alguien sabe si se puede hacer un analisis en españo?, cuando me pide los datos,todo aparece en ingles
kirat wrote:
this is an intresting site. does it exist in more then one language?
English only
Alguien sabe si se puede hacer un analisis en españo?, cuando me pide los datos,todo aparece en ingles
It's better to use English on this forum ;)
Fascinating Accounting Game, already available on our website
New record was established by clarke! More then 10000! Congratulations!
Fascinating Accounting Game, already available on our website
We launch accounting game – "Balance". But it's interesting not only for accountants. It's a hybrid of Tetris and Finance (figures). You can play in your browser (flash), no registration required. But if you signed up your score will be saved to our rating table. Just try! If you get 6000 scores or more you'll be my hero :)

P.S. The best "Balance" score on our regional website is 31445! The winner is the middle age woman, accountant. It's unbelievable result even for me as the developer of the game.
ReadyRatios development roadmap, our plans
Muhammad Zargham Haider wrote:
it take currency in thousand, can it be without thousands.

Yes, you can select thousands, millions or "empty" multiplier from the lits.

secondly it do not allow transactions in Pak Rupess (Currency in Pakistan)

We are preparing update now and there is the huge list of currencies including Pak Rupess (PKR). But to meet wish I did it right now for IFRS statement; you can see PKR in the list.
about benchmark
Yes, you can change the diapasons of indicators assessment for each industry which are used as benchmark. But it's available for registered users only (registration is free). You can analyze any number of years (not only years, but quarters or months too).
Changes in IFRS
I think, they earn salary per change. So they have to be hard at work  :D
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