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ReadyRatios development roadmap, our plans
What improvements of ReadyRatios analysis we plan to do:

- Add help (next week).

- Add option "fiscal (financial) year beginning date". It will make possible analysis for the
countries and entities which fiscal year beginning is not 1 January.

- Upgrade the internal editor.

- Create US GAAP statements analysis (2nd half of this year).
Ratio analysis
Guest wrote:
P&L sales figure is a monthly figure; debtors is a quarterly figure. To calculate debtors days, should we multiply by 30/365 days or 90/365 days, can anyone advise please?

Debtors days (average collection period) = debtors / daily sales  = debtors / (monthly sales / 30).

Debtors is a balance sheet figure (i.e. "on date" figure), so you need no to dived or multiply by 365.

Read about receivable turnover ratio.
Make the computer think!, Computers and not humans should work...
Hello dear visitor,

Today we launched our new international project - humanlike financial analysis ( Our software has free of charge plan and ready for use – just start and work!

I hope it's rather interesting web-project with no analogues worldwide. ReadyRatios makes professional financial analysis without human help. Our key principle is "Make the computer think!". Currently, our financial bot works only with IFRS statements, but we are going to make the same for US GAAP statements in the near future.

Post your questions and opinions here, I'll try to answer :)
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