3 Resolutions to Position Your Accounting Firm for 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 Print Email

As soon as the busy season of 2015 starts, you will have no time to analyze whether or not your firm has taken correct steps towards building client relationships. Rather you will be focused on completing the pending work approaching deadlines.

Studies have shown that the most concerning issues of the accountants consist of handling the compressed workload, maintaining the existing clients and gaining new ones. It is the best time to take necessary steps to address these issues.

Below are resolutions to help develop your business for the whole year:

1. I will use busy season meetings to cultivate engagements for the rest of the year. Commit to take the necessary actionsthat will assist in getting advisory assignments for the future as you meet and interact with your clients. For instance, by using the terms easily understood by client and illustrating examples, prepare a list of the services your firm provides and deliver this list to your clientsto whom you currently provide services. Another option is to ask your clients about their most concerning issues so that you can help to resolvethem. These steps will strengthen your relations with the clients.

2. I will identify the key advantage our firm has over competitors. The clients may overlook the expertise and skills that make your firm distinct from competitors and may see little differentiation if all the firms advertise their qualified and experienced partners. To show how your firm is unique and better than others, you should focus on advertising your particular and special services like benchmarking or business valuations etc. This will help to attract new clients andalso retaining old ones.

3. I will utilize technology that makes my job easier. The assignments related to compliance mostly keep the accountants busyand they do not get enough time to focus on higher value added service to their clients like business strategies and business planning etc. You will find it easy to address these issues if you employ technology such as which automatically executes the data analyses and monitors the performance of the client.

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