How Audit is being Transformed by Technology

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 Print Email

By innovation, it means that the audit future is not just about numbers. It refers to the use of technology in opening the black box that helps in performing a comprehensive audit and the means of offering an organization with more actionable and deeper insights into their controls and financial statements. Auditors are now able to effectively focus on risk and its response while challenging audit in a manner that wasn’t possible earlier on.

Ultimately, technology will cause a shift in all areas from inspection of evidence that relate to random samples, analyzing large volumes of audit relevant data which allows for potential anomalies and risk analysis areas. The latest technologies also relate to ensuring that auditors can now spend less time with audit administration and more time on thoughtful data analysis-basically focusing on what really matters.

Access to more data is helpful to financial reporting and prompt fraud identification and operational risks which can in turn be integrated toward an audit approach that is targeted. With deeper insights, auditors are in a better position to ask questions that are more challenging and can then deliver audits of high quality. This oversight can eventually cultivate an understanding that is more holistic regarding the client’s financial and business operations hence enhancing the main audit phases from assessing and scoping risk to control tests and details tests.

By use of analytics, process issues can be unveiled and this allows focus on what has not gone right. This can help auditors in isolating transactions with different risk profiles and also custom make their approach to be responsive to the various risk levels.

Analytical innovations combined with financial and industrial experience will eventually extend what audit offers. This entails in-depth process controls and analysis, identifying issues before they impact the bottom line and also analyzing transactions that may be used in improving systems of internal control, financial reporting and also detecting fraud risk. The future of audit is expected to offer more value. Clients will receive more relevant insights from every audit phase and insights that they haven’t received before regarding their sector and business.

Source: ReadyRatios

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