Background of ACCA Certification

Monday, June 17, 2013 Print Email

Association of certified charted accountants is the body that award certification for the individuals that successfully pass their exams for certified accountant technician. There are some other mandatory requirements that are to be fulfilled in order to get the certification from the governing body. ACCA was first initiated in the United Kingdom and then later on it started in all parts of the world and gained acknowledgment at all the levels. To be a member of ACCA one has to qualify first and there are certain levels to pass through.

In 1904 the London association of accountants founded ACCA and the major focus was to make accounting profession more reliable and transparent. In 1996 the name changed to Association of certified charted accountants. ACCA certifications are being offered in all parts of the world, there are almost 493,500 members of ACCA that have successfully passed the exam and this number is still growing. As far as the accountancy partnerships are concerned ACCA has the highest number of partnerships worldwide. Through this one can have an idea about the acknowledgment that ACCA has got.

There are a series of steps in order to get the complete certification, CAT is the initial level of the certification in which one has to pass nine papers and it's mandatory that the person attempting to get the certification must have one year of experience in accountancy .With every level the difficulty increases and there are lots of commitment requires to have the level completed.As far as the job placement of the ACCA’s is concerned, the application of the certification in unlimited. Higher number of percentages of ACCA’s works in corporate sector helping the corporate sector to develop accurate financial information’s .ACCA is globally accepted everywhere. Most of the leading audit firms hire ACCA professionals to have an audit .There are a number of consultants required by most of the financial institutions and this responsibility is mostly handled by ACCA’s.

The versatility that one can get having ACCA certification cannot be achieved elsewhere. Now ACCA’s are involved in most of the crucial decisions in any organization.CAT is kind of exam that enable a person to develop managerial skills along with the financial skills. ACCA’s are highly paid by the financial institution as there are a number of responsibilities that can be handled by ACCA. ACCA is one of the most widely accepted degree all over the world.

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