Recent ACCA Report on the Increasing scope of Shared Services

Monday, March 6, 2017 Print Email

According to a recent report that has come out from the ACCA, the Shared services executives basically see an increasing scope of the field of shared services and also think that a career in shared services will also provide the Finance individuals with opportunities to develop even further and will also play a role of a platform or a gateway to venture and have careers in other business areas as well.

This report basically questions the stereotype that exists in the society regarding having a career in field of shared services and the report also includes advice and guidance from executives on how to explore the field of shared services.

It also provides information regarding how the finance function is evolving and the function may develop and evolve new career opportunities for individuals connected with the field of finance like a career in the field of shared services.

The recently released report also made the following important observations regarding shared services, some of them are mentioned below:

1. Career in  the Shared services field is been seen by many individuals as a good and an attractive career option;

2. The Finance executives and leaders who are switching towards the roles in shared services field are   pretty much satisfied with the options and roles the field is providing them with and are not looking for a way out;

3. To be successful in this field, the individuals should not only be well versed in the field of finance but should also have some other skills as well as the scope of this field is increasing;

4. These kinds of services are being considered as an essential element of business and these are also considered as a good tool of solving business problems of an entity.

5. Enhancements and improvements with regards to the Technology is changing and defining the field of financial shared services.

According to the head of corporate sector of the ACCA, Jamie Lyon, Now a days the finance executives and leaders see the field of shared services as a good opportunity to develop their skills further and less as a career limiting option.

Majority of the respondents are of the opinion that the improvements in technology will help the professionals related to the shared services field in contributing towards the entity’s operations in a much more productive way.


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