Global Reporting Convergence & Global Player Segment

Monday, July 22, 2013 Print Email

It is reported that IFRS has decided to adopt jurisdictions due to flavours. The professor Leuz has done extensive research related to these issues. He published one new research paper showing his experience and information related to financial reporting problem. Dr. Leuz reported that these steps and concern are well founded. He described these factors in his new research paper. The enforcement of difference is not only the solution of financial stress.

He described several other institutional differences in the different countries and securities regulation. His reports have become published and famous. This research paper of professor Leuz is showing the real figures and face of picture. The financial stress is getting higher in the world. There is no need to bring some modifications and measurements in the world.

It is reported that the effects of capital market are doubtful. Some countries prefer to adopt and apply the IFRS to make the new accounting regime. The adoption of IFRS will bring lot of features and benefits for the different countries. The financial reporting is a source of liquidity benefits in most of countries. You can find the obvious liquidity benefits in some states and countries. The similar liquidity affects are visible and present in Japan. It shows that the changes in the latest reporting enforcement appear to play very important role to make sure liquidity benefits.

The professor Leuz described the approach and give suggestions to implement the new laws. He described everything in his paper with detail. On some occasion he also proposed two ideas to public directly. He allows them to respond the slides directly. He suggested it is important to get benefit from IFRS by the global players. At one event in Berlin he described important notes about this issue. Therefore it is good to see the effort of this person. He said that united state will not adopt new IFRS changes. However the internationally oriented firms and famous companies will try to get advantage from an IRFS option. The use of IRFS option is beneficial for all countries and companies in the whole world. 

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