What Happens When Accountants Get Religion

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In practical life, we see several professionals praying. A person naturally has his identity. This enables him finding people like him with whom he can talk about his beliefs. The question is can this thing lead to acquire business. Most of time, he finds similar faces around him when working. Here we have some keys findings about same-religion people

1. Attend Events. Some religious companies organize social events for their people (you) so that you could find same-religion people. Some could live nearby each-other and pray together but on separate timings. People around you would probably enquire about your work, you should tell them, but not in a business sense.

Benefits.You should be dressed decent, and behaving like professionals. This would let people know your work by-the-time.

2. Be Involved and Take a Role.Many devotional ceremonies where people from one religion come for worship, have volunteers working for ceremony. Being a volunteer you should be dressed decently giving good impression.

Benefits.It feels respectable when people know you and you don’t know them but they share greetings with you. People often gauge you by reference of your volunteer service at worship place.

3. Get Close to the Money.It is common to know that congregations have a finance department, an advisory board and a development committee for financing. Since you are a professional, you have not to hesitate requesting for money.

Benefits.Now you are respectable person in the congregation eyes. They would believe you to be honest because you controlreligious money.

4. Advertise.Now people know you and your work, resultantly may seek to meet you and want to work with you. Many congregations distribute a weekly hand-out including business card ads, giving you an opportunity to be seen on the page distributed.

Benefits.You would be seen quite often by people who view the page weekly. Some people like to do business with people with whom they could share their values and beliefs. You might be one, most likely.

You have not asked personally asked anyone to do business, but people like to do business with people they now because they consider you a successful man.

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