IRS have to carry out some more Significant Actions to Fight Employees’ Travel Card Abuse

Friday, May 31, 2013 Print Email

According to a new report, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) must take some more belligerent actions to tackle the deceitful misuse of individually owed travel cards.

This audit report is presented by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), at the start of this month. In this report, TIGTA revealed that IRS employees in the excused business partition had used expressions like patriot, and tea party to filter out applications for tax exempt status for additional inspection.

The most recent report shows that TIGTA approved that the implementation and design of the check and balance on the travel card program of IRS are normally helpful for recognizing transactions taking place external of official travel and also delinquency rates of IRS are less than one percent. But this check and balance of IRS is inadequate to take some necessary actions for detecting personal or unsuitable use while employees are on official travel business.

The TIGTA audit report also throw light on the fact that the approximately half of the cases reviewed shows that the performances done by the IRS in reply to these proved abuses were less harsh than those written in the penalty rules of IRS. Also, thousands of card holders with proof having insufficient funds checks, charged off, and suspended accounts, with many financial problems, were not referred for re-evaluation of national security clearance, and background checks.

TIGTA suggest that the IRS should make perfections in many areas like designing inspection to identify personal use of the travel card when employees are on official travel. Also, IRS builds up a process for referring card holders with proof of financial deficiencies and problems personnel inspection officials for re-evaluation of the employees’ scrutiny clearance, and sustainability for their positions.

After this audit report, and in response to recommendations of TIGTA, the IRS management decided to take corrective actions to combat the misuse, and personal use of employees, travel card while employees are on official travel, including developing, and implementing a policy for re-evaluating scrutiny clearances, and sustainability for employment of employees with proof of major financial problems connected with travel card misuse.

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