In America SMBs Stop Hiring this Year

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 Print Email

It is found by a newly survey of Sage hiring outlook that this year in United States, the small and medium sized companies are not expanding their hiring due to many factors.

The Sage hiring outlook inspected the hiring department of all the small and medium sized companies of United States. The survey shows that in this year about 25 percent of the companies said that they will hire the people in this year. But many companies about 57 percent respond that they will remain their staff the same. And almost 7 percent said they will decrease their staff this year.

When the demand of products and services of a company increases, this factor influences the business to increase its hiring or plan to hire new staff. And if the demand of products and services decreases, then this factor influences company to decrease hiring or plan to not hire new staff. The other factors that affect the hiring influence of companies are uncertainty in business, non health care costs of business, and economic uncertainty.

The Sage hiring outlook ask many business owners about the hiring decisions, they said the demand of their products or services is only the major factor that will affect their business decisions including hiring new staff. And the huge taxes and fluctuations in regulations are barriers for their business expansion. If their business growth effects, the hiring will also effects. And in this year the demand for their products and services are not increasing, so, they are not in that position to hire new employees or plan to hire. Also, uncertainty in the Washington economic conditions is increasing like increase in wage rate.

The survey also highlights the companies that said that they are planning to hire employees that will work full time. The percentage of these companies is 82. And about 19 percent respond to hire seasonal employees and 10 percent said that they will plan to hire contract workers.

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